Artesania Latina Kit
Artesania Latina Carton

When I started to look for models of the Jolie Brise on the net, I thought the The Artesania Latina Kit was expensive. Now having finished it and started to build a bigger 1/10th scale model, I realise that it is excellent value. The materials and components used are of high quality and accurately cut. It comes with the sails already made, just think what that's worth. This kit would make an excellent present as it is so well presented with an attractive carton, the components are in a neat storage box and the whole thing packed in a clear plastic container.

The written instructions are limited and peter out at the end of making the hull. There are a series of coloured photos showing the location of parts covering most problems. The plans are good with numbered parts and a descriptive parts list. The position of the halyards are unclear, so in the end, I made an educated guess.

There is a step by step guide at The Modelismo Naval - Pady5 website. You can translate the Spanish using Google, then the fun begins trying to make sense of the literial translation. The photos are helpful and tips show how to hold parts when gluing.

The rudder assembly was modified. I left off the brass hinges to make fitting easier and it improved the appearance. They are not on the original boat. The bottom of the rudder shaft is located on a pin in the keel. Cutting the hole through the hull and deck was hit and miss and made good with Plastic Padding. The rudder shaft was further back than the plan shows. I had to make a new tiller. The shaft had to be lengthened slightly. Try fitting the Helmsman's bench later.

Jolie Brise Rudder

Planking the hull was an experience. Little information was given so logic and luck played a part.

Jolie Brise hull planking

The mast is shown at right angles to the waterline on the plan but is fitted at right angles to the deck. I think they did this as they display their model with the keel horizontal. I think this is wrong as it does not show off the beautiful lines with the raised bow.

The Bulwark Rail (37, 38) is made from two parts. The bow is precut and fitted correctly. The rest is shown as a single part made from a a x d section. This was impossible to bend into shape, in the end I made a cut down the centre for the length of the curve. This worked but it required filling and disguising with tinted varnish. A possible solution would be to cut a piece from the scrap sheet next to the bow piece giving an approximate curve. The end part is straight. The same problem occurs with parts 25 & 26. The Futtocks (27) broke easily as the grain is across the part. I laminated new ones from Deck Planking.

Artesania Latina coloured leaflet

Drill holes for the top shrouds in the crosstrees before assembling. They are not shown on the plans. The rear shroud passes aft of the top mast. To stop it falling off, I put a loop around the mast.

Jolie Brise Crosstrees

Use Brown Thread to whip the ropes. The Deadeyes are attached to the chainplates by two turns of the thin wire then soldered together. A needle is used to thread the Ratlines through the shrouds with a knot at both ends. The navigation box could be painted all red/green.

Jolie Brise Deadeyes

They must be many more problems I solved when making this lovely model. If you want any help please use the Forum.
I recommend this kit but not for beginners. I am an engineer and teach Design Technology.

Side shot of Jolie Brise