1/10 Intro


Having completed the 1/20 scale model, it became obvious that I would have to go up a scale if I wanted to fit proper RC sail control. Going up from 1/20 to 1/10 would give eight times the volume. The French plans used to make the 1/20 scale model lacked sufficient details to build the stern section and some of the frame dimensions were inaccurate.
Jolie Brise was first used by the Dauntsey's School in 1977 and underwent a major refit with the central part of the deck raised to inlarge the cabin creating a raised coachroof. This would allow for a raised waterproof removable lid to be made.

The book "Jolie Brise - A Tall Ship's Tale" by Robin Bryer shows line drawing of the hull of the Jolie Brise taken off the actual hull in the 1926 by Jack Laurent Giles. They were enlarged to 1/10 scale.

jlg hull lines

The hull line drawings, photos and survey measurements taken in Summer 2008 were combined into a new set of drawings produced in Autum/Winter 2008/9.
Howard Chapelle's book "Yacht Designing and Planning" 1936 was also useful explaining how hull lines are constructed. It was the inspiration for the Crown Calculator as I had to work out how to design the deck and the calculator saved me a lot of time.