The Hull frames were made from various sheets of ply from my stock and the planks from 1.8m lenghts of Jelutong (ex school) and Mahogany (old conservatory roof beams). The 1/8" brasss rod for the rudder came from B&Q, other brass parts were from my odds box. An old oak kitchen light pelmet was used for deck fittings. All described in "Hull".


The timber was cut and planned to size by my local timber yard. The Spar fittings needed a lot of small pieces of brass sheet, strips, tubes, studding and bars which were quantified from the drawings and a parts list produced. To source the materials I compiled a Materials List of the major brass sections available with the best prices and suppliers. A Conversion Chart was needed as the majority of parts were imperial sizes. A Screw Thread Data list was produced as the studdding was either in metric or BA.
Conversion Chart .doc or .pdf
Screw Thread Datd .doc or .pdf
Materials List .xls or .htm