The basic dimensions of the Jolie Brise vary for different sources so a compromised version has to be found. As an engineer, I would always use simple dimensions such 4.7m not 4.63m. There is a beauty in simplicity. The stern radius is 4.5m, helm's bench is 14m, The bow compound radii are 1.2, 2.2, 3, 6, 9m, These are not accidental.
The French plans make reference to "Jolie Brise - Pilote du Havre de Jean Claude Chazarain" perhaps the designer. The length and beam are given as 17m and 4.7m. The actual 1/20 scale drawing measures 17.56/4.8m, this difference is hard to explain but it could be due to the plans having been poorly copied a few time. The chart below gives dimensions from various sources.

  New  Survey  Website  Lines  Spec  French  Spanish 
O/all + bowsprit   22.5     22.5       22.79   23.40
Overall  17.0  17.08   17.06   17.07   17.0   17.00   17.00
Waterline  14.5     14.63   14.63     14.42   14.63
Beam    4.7   4.71     4.63     4.80    4.70     4.65     4.70
Draught    3.1       3.10     3.10    2.80     2.78     2.73
Tonnage       44TM     43.2t    

New = New set of basic dimensions.
Survey = Measurements surveyed from the Jolie Brise.
Website = Dimensions from Jolie Brise website.
Lines = Dimensions from Jack L Giles's hull lines taken off Jolie Brise in 1926.
Spec = Possibly original dimensions found on the French plans.
French = Scaled from 1/20 French plans x 0.97 factor.
Spanish = Scaled from 1/50 Spanish kit plans x 0.97 factor.

0.97 scale factor is used to alter the scaled off dimensions so the overall lenght is 17m. What is odd is that the factor is the same for both.

jlg hull lines